Are You Owed Money?

Are You Owed Money?

Hunter Consulting, Inc. can help you collect money owed to you by your customers. Schedule a consultation for your business' accounts receivable's with us in Berkeley Heights, NJ or at your offices.

If you need assistance managing your accounts receivable's, Hunter Consulting, Inc. can help. We can act as a collection agency for your small or medium-sized business to help you collect the money that is owed to you. We are able to assist in preparing necessary forms to file claims against outstanding balances in small claims court.

Call Hunter Consulting, Inc. today to learn more about our accounts receivable management services.

4 reasons to get accounts receivable management in Berkeley Heights, NJ

You need an accountant you can rely on to help you collect the money that is rightfully yours. Choose Hunter Consulting, Inc. to help you:

  1. Can prepare invoices - daily, weekly or monthly
  2. Manage the organization of money owed to your business
  3. Give your customers a sense of urgency to speed up collection
  4. Assist in the collection of bad debts through small claims court

Don't waste another day frustrated with your accounts receivable's management. Call Hunter Consulting, Inc. for assistance today.